Round 2 (final): A Craft Masterpiece

What is the mastiha taste? What would you compare it with? 

There are many good guesses: Celery, Pine, Cucumber, Anise, Lettuce, Gum, Pistachio… The truth is, the mastiha taste is unique and complex. The Growers spend years studying the taste of mastiha and how to experience it fully.

This is second Challenge, if you make it to the final: create a second cocktail masterpiece, to highlight the taste and terroir of mastiha.

While the Round 1 drink should be simple and easy to reproduce, for Round 2 we are looking for the deep understanding of the different aspects of the liqueur. For this there is no limit to the number of ingredients, but the drink has to be made in 6 minutes or under and you must use at least 25ml of Enosis and/or Kentos Finest mastiha liqueurs.

The second round of the competition will be part of the final in London, August 2016. The finalists will be asked to make the drinks of both rounds.