The Growers’ Challenge

The Growers: the people that have dedicated their life and work to the unique treasure that only grows in a single island in the world, mastiha. The growers of mastiha are the live embodiment of a tradition that goes back 2,500 years- all the way back to ancient Greece- and is still carried out today in the same way.

Through the ages, the mastiha growers have supplied the ingredients for the cocktails of Roman emperors, and treated the Ottoman harems. They harvested the medicinal “tears of Chios” that saved the lives of sailors and were slaughtered by Pirates for their golden resin. Today, they still live in the “mastiha villages” and remain united under the Growers’ Association to protect their heritage and beloved product.

Enosis and Kentos are the Growers’ Spirit: the finest mastiha liqueurs crafted with love and dedication by the experts, locally in Chios. Using the highest quality mastiha resin and local spring water- the Growers’ Spirit capture perfectly the unique terroir of the only island in the world that the mastiha trees grow.

Now, it is your chance to become part of this tradition! Enosis and Kentos have reached the docks in the UK, and have challenged the experts to create a cocktail that captures the exclusivity and history of mastiha, but is approachable by everyone. Will you stand up to the Growers’ scrutiny?

Round 1: The Signature Serve

Round 2 (final): A Craft Masterpiece


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